3 High Reward Opti-I Sensor Locations

Power Supply Display and Opti-I Process Sensor

The Opti-I offers big benefits in these three typical dairy applications at a modest price:

1. Product transition sensing at key processing points where timers or stopwatches are not preferred, or where automated quality assurance is a necessity. The Opti-I can provide instant feedback to process control systems on the product running through the pipe at a specific point. It can be used as a 24/7 automated quality control device to ensure that 2% milk is actually being packaged as opposed to 1%, etc.

2. HTST water or glycol return contamination sensor. Is a gasket leaking and you don’t know about it? Could your scheduled maintenance interval on the HTST be increased? With the Opti-I placed on your coolant return line, you can answer these questions in an instant. An alarm light triggers if there is a presence of contamination – for example, milk from the high pressure side of the HTST.

3. Waste water improvement is a key area of cost control for dairy processors. Knowing when and where suspended solids are entering the waste water stream is critical to correcting the root cause. Wouldn’t it be nice to be notified the instant there is a significant increase in the suspended solids content of the waste water? Quick detection helps in deterrence and resolution.

Each of these solutions require a single Opti-I installed as an eye in the pipe. Coupled with the required cables, power supply, relay output and alarm light in a separate enclosure, the entire turnkey package is available for less than $3,000. That’s a very modest investment for either 24/7 automated quality assurance or real time cost control measurement.

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