About Us

Metron Instruments provides analytical measurement technology to companies and institutions that have the highest commitment to quality in the dairy, food and beverage medical sectors.

Our products are engineered to provide the precise measurement, analysis, and control that enable our customers to make accurate, timely and informed decisions.

Metron is committed to meeting the needs and expectations of each of our customers. Our engineering and service capabilities are both thorough and nimble, providing attention that is tailored to individual customer needs.

We are committed to business growth that results from serving and listening to our customers, reinvesting in new products and markets to drive internal growth, acquiring complementary technologies and building a culture of excellence to deliver exceptional performance to our customers and shareholders.

The Metron Operating Model serves as our set of processes to deliver those expected results. Our model incorporates the desire, development and deployment of best practices necessary to achieve our goals and to provide consistent sustainable results for our customers.

Metron Operating Model

The Metron Operating Model begins with our principles – which are the foundation of our business and a guide for our behavior across operating segments, geographic borders and cultures.

Innovation is about the creativity that we rely upon, not only for new products and services, but also for how we solve problems and create opportunities.

Operational Excellence is based on continuous improvement in all facets of the business. Operational excellence allows our business to build efficiency and productivity into our organization. Everything we do is viewed through a lens of finding and realizing the potential for improvement and transformation.

Commercial Excellence is about creating demand, enabling growth and delivering the value generated as a result of Operational Excellence. This helps us to better partner with our customers to understand their specific needs and drive growth.

By listening to our customers, our employees and our business needs, and applying the philosophies and processes within our operating model, we are confident that our customers will be satisfied, our employees empowered, and our shareholders rewarded with increasing value.

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