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ProCal Bias Adjustment

Need a quick refresher on how to make a simple bias adjustment to your Metron analyzer’s calibration? Here is a one minute screen recording to show you how to do it.

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ProCal Calibration Video Demo

Here is a short demo of the ProCal calibration software. It shows how a milk analysis data file is opened and regression functions are used to determine adjustments to milk calibration components including fat, protein, lactose and solids non fat. … Continue reading

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Temperature Compensation

Most, if not all, instrumental measurement methods including NIR and MIR are very sensitive to temperature variation. In the case of a lab instrument, the manufacturer designs the instrument to maintain tight control of the internal temperatures. When using an … Continue reading

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Milk Calibration Tip

When calibrating, use calibration samples that closely resemble the product that you will be testing. The number of calibration samples required depends on the sample variation. In many cases for a mid-infrared milk component analyzer 6 to 12 samples are … Continue reading

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