York Dairy Analyzer

The York Dairy Analyzer is a full featured mid-infrared milk analyzer for dairy products. It measures fat, protein, lactose, SNF, and total solids following AOAC defined methods. Liquid samples of milk, cream, ice cream mix and whey can be sampled.

The York is operated in three easy steps. Samples are aspirated into the instrument through the front pipette. The sample is heated, homogenized and analyzed, with results displaying on a linked PC display in less than one minute. Upon measurement completion, a rinse is performed to clear the sample from the milk analyzer.


A unique calibration is used for analysis of milk, cream, whey or dairy mixes. An unlimited number of calibrations can be created using the ProCal software. The York is an excellent choice as a cream, dairy mix, whey or milk analyser. Standard calibration samples are readily available from reference labs for raw milk, pasteurized milk, whey and cream. Internally created calibration samples are typically created as required by customers for dairy mixes.

York Dairy Analyzer Brochure

Features and Benefits

Stable Results – Consistent daily measurements provide the dependability needed for efficient laboratory operations.

Test time in less than 60 seconds – Rapid analysis and low cost per test. Fast response to products-in-process improves quality, standardization, and yields.

6-channel output including Fat C and Solids filters – These filters, not provided in many other competitive instruments, allow the York to accurately predict high fat content in cream, and solids in sugar-added products. A broader range of products can be tested.

AOAC mid-infrared milk analysis method – Reliable results and compatibility with the accepted AOAC mid-infrared analysis method.

Unlimited Calibrations – ProCal calibration software with traditional bias and slope as well as multiple linear regression is included in the software package.

Easy to clean – A common cleaning solution is all that is required for daily maintenance of the milk analyzer. A more aggressive cleaner can be utilized on a weekly basis.

Multiple language readout and unit of measure options – Contact Metron for details on options available for the milk analyzer.

Automatic Rinse and Zero Module – Improve productivity with the optional module that provides automatic and programmable cleaning and zeroing. This option eliminates the need for a manual presentation of rinse and zero solutions to the pipette. Includes separate 5 liter rinse and zero containers, valve manifold, peristaltic pump and sample heater. Factory installed option only.

ProCal Calibration Software – Calibration for the milk analyzer is performed from the ProCal software included as standard with every instrument. Create an unlimited number of calibrations from results generated using the York analyzer/operator software. Standard MLR (Multiple Linear Regression) and Slope and/or Bias correction options can be utilized.


Technical Specifications

Analytical Range:
Fat 0 – 55%
Protein 0 – 15%
Lactose 0 – 15%
Solids Non Fat 0 – 15%
Total Solids 0 – 50%
Repeatability (%Cv) < 0.50% (raw milk)
Accuracy (%Cv) < 1.0% (raw milk)
Purging efficiency > 99% (raw milk)

Note: Cv (Coefficient of variation) is equal to the SD (Standard Deviation) divided by average of reference results multiplied by 100. Reference methods used are: Röse Gottlieb for fat, Kjeldahl for protein, Polarimetry for lactose and Drying Oven for total solids.

Sample Volume 15 ml single analysis, 5 ml each additional analysis (depending upon calibration)
Sample Speed < 60 seconds per sample
Sample Temperature 5 – 40° C (with sample heater option installed) Samples with >10% fat should be preheated to at least 30° C.
Dimensions 50 x 31 x 45 cm (19.7 x 12.2 x 17.7 in) (D x W x H)
30 kg (64.5 lbs)

* AOAC – Association of Official Analytical Chemists

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