Metron Instruments is an original equipment manufacturer of optical process sensors and analytical instrumentation serving the food, dairy & beverage industries. Each of our products is engineered to increase your production control and optimize your operating efficiency.

York Dairy Analyzer w/Rinse & Zero

York Dairy Analyzer w/Rinse & Zero

The York Dairy Analyzer is a mid-infrared laboratory instrument for milk component testing. Measuring fat, protein, lactose and solids, this milk testing instrument is a must have for every dairy lab. The sample is heated, homogenized and analyzed. Results display on a linked Windows PC display in less than one minute. Results data are also stored to a database.




Opti-I Infrared Relative Turbidity Sensor

The Opti-I Relative Turbidity Process Sensor using near-infrared optics provides a product consistency measurement or transition point indication to sanitary processors. Applications include product transition for fill lines, wastewater monitoring, relative turbidity and milk fat measurement.





The On-Line Instrumentation line of milk standardizers has been the benchmark for dairy standardization systems since 1978. On-Line systems have provided years of service and value to our customers. Contact us to review your system requirements.

Are you looking for a unique sanitary or liquid component measurement? Metron is committed to providing application specific systems and components that assist¬†you in analyzing and optimizing your products and processes. With a broad association of industry and technology experts, Metron’s product development capabilities are extensive. Contact us via phone or email to discuss your needs.

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