Casein/Fat Standardizer

The Casein Fat Standardizer (CFS) is an in-line cheese milk standardization system utilizing continuous product sampling and closed loop control to measure and control the casein-to-fat ratio in cheese milk. The casein-to-fat ratio is defined as follows:

% Casein / % Fat = C/F Ratio

Controlling the C/F ratio improves cheese yield, provides consistent quality, and reduces costs.

Fat and casein in the standardized milk are measured by a patented laser light scattering process using a single instrument. A closed-loop control system then modulates the various product flow rates based on fat and casein readings from the instrument by controlling throttling valves to achieve the desired C/F ratio in the final cheese milk.

The CFS has two modes of operation: in-line standardization and vat standardization, whereby the CFS automatically adjusts the in-line standardization to achieve target casein and fat totals (and thus the target C/F ratio) in a cheese vat.

The CFS can be used in conjunction with a milk separator and/or ingredient blending system to achieve the desired range of standardization. Multiple cheese product recipes can be programmed and automatically selected.

The CFS automatically totalizes fat and casein in each cheese vat and records the vat data in an SQL relational database. Reports can be easily generated on the CFS into standard spreadsheet format and exported for incorporation into plant production reports.

Features and Benefits

Direct Casein Measurement – The CFS uses a patented method for direct measurement of casein. This provides greater accuracy versus an estimated casein number.

Casein versus Protein – Research shows that casein as a percentage of protein in milk changes based on many factors including herd, geography and seasonal variations. Production based on a direct casein measurement ensures higher accuracy and profitability.

Automatic Adjustment – With a continuous sampling process, the CFS automatically adjusts for silo composition variations, saving valuable ingredients and providing product consistency.

Vat Fill Control – With the CFS vat totalizer, vats will be more consistent and reworking of out-of-spec vats is minimized.

Plant Integration – Integration with the plant HTST and related signals allows the CFS to operate in concert with the entire cheese plant. This synchronization reduces the need for operator intervention throughout the day.

Automatic Cleaning – The CFS is fully programmed for mid-day and shutdown cleaning. This process internal to the CFS and its fluid system does not disrupt production or require operator attention. Ongoing instrument cleanliness increases measurement reliability and component life.

Technical Specifications

Casein/Fat Ratio +/-0.025 SD
Fat % +/-0.025 SD
Casein % +/-0.025 SD
Vat Casein Totalization +/-0.5%
Power Supply 120-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Other Utilities Compressed Air @ 100 psi
De-ionized Water Supply
Intellectual Property
US Patents: 6407813, 6795183 (others pending)

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