Opti-I Relative Turbidity Sensor

The Opti-I is an In-Line, Sanitary, Infrared, Relative Turbidity, Product Consistency and Transition Sensor

  • Juice, Soft Drinks, Water, Milk, Beer, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Waste Water
  • Filling Lines, HTST Processing Lines, Filtration Systems, Waste Lines
  • Sanitary process sensor providing a 4-20 ma output
  • IP65 and NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Wetted components tested to International Sanitary Standards

Working Principle:

The Opti-I emits near infrared (NIR) light into a liquid. The NIR light scatters and reflects at different intensities based on a function of the concentration of the liquid. This intensity is measured and converted into a 4-20 ma output. This output can be utilized for monitoring and control as required by the processor.

Opti-I Infrared Relative Turbidity Sensor

Opti-I internal display

Customer Applications

Product Transition Detection

The Opti-I can be placed in processing lines to precisely identify product transition points. This eliminates the need for stopwatches or other time based approaches that can be less accurate, less reliable and more labor intensive.

Product Concentration Measurement

Depending on the product and the desired control component, the Opti-I can be used for component measurement and associated control. For example, in dairy processing the Opti-I provides accurate milk butterfat measurement of the final homogenized milk. This measurement can be used as an input to control the standardization process. Tightening the control of product standardization improves profitability and product quality. The Opti-I can be easily calibrated to measure very low levels of fat (0.03% to 0.50%) found in whey, a byproduct of the cheese making process.


Leak Detection in Plate Heat Exchangers

The Opti-I can be installed on the water side of a plate heat exchanger. If a gasket begins to leak from the product flow into the water flow, the Opti-I will provide the required input to an operator alert alarm. This immediate recognition of a breach in the plate heat exchanger minimizes product loss and potential waste water BOD surcharges.


Wastewater Monitoring and Control

With an Opti-I monitoring the wastewater stream, operators and management can be alerted of a high concentration of solids in the waste water stream. This allows for process adjustments to be made to mitigate the excess waste and return the operation to a cleaner production process. In order to effectively reduce waste water costs, a real time measurement system and feedback process is required. The Opti-I is the tool that allows customers to see what is otherwise unseen.


Ordering Information

P/N Product Description

NS-1           Opti-I Process Sensor, 2” TriClamp connection, duplex stainless sanitary interface

NS-2           Opti-I Process Sensor, 2 ½” TriClamp connection, duplex stainless sanitary interface

NS-3           Opti-I Process Sensor, 3” TriClamp connection, duplex stainless sanitary interface

NS-4           Opti-I Process Sensor, 1 ½” TriClamp connection, duplex stainless sanitary interface

Options and Modifications:

Add –HA For Hastelloy sanitary interface

Add –MN for Monel sanitary interface

Add –IN for Inconel sanitary interface

Add –TS for Swagelok’s TS connection

Add –IL for I-Line connection

Add –JP for John Perry connection

Add –TV for Tuchenhagen Varivent® connection

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