ProCal Calibration Software

Metron’s lab analyzers come complete with a calibration software package called ProCal. This fully integrated package is used to create new product calibrations and to adjust existing calibrations. This stand alone application allows users to effectively create and manage their calibrations.



There are two calibration methods:

1) Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) – Determines the coefficient to measure a component linearly from a full set of reference samples.

2) Single Linear Regression (SLR) – Provides slope and bias adjustments for minor calibration changes with a few reference samples.



Loading a results file or a custom comma separated file provides ProCal with the data required to provide the mathematical computations required for MLR or SLR functions.

Upon completion, calibration files are transferred via a simple mouse click into the active analyzer database.

Features and Benefits

Independent Application – ProCal is a separate application from the analyzer software. This allows users to perform calibration modifications off line or remotely without any impact to daily testing needs of the laboratory.

Scenario Testing – ProCal offers a user the ability to include or exclude any or all result rows for the calibration set. This empowers the technician to develop improved analyzer calibrations.

Windows Interface – ProCal is operated in the standard MS Windows environment. Users take to the software very quickly as it is in a format that is very familiar to them.

Customer Support – Metron provides unlimited support at no additional charge for customers seeking calibration assistance. As simple as an email attachment, Metron can open a calibration results file and provide immediate feedback on the calibration. This is especially helpful to customers in the first several months of owning a mid-IR milk analyzer.


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