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QuickCheck Cryoscope

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Trust the test that the dairy industry has depended upon for decades! Freezing-point determination has been the recommended method for testing adulteration of milk for more than 50 years! A practical rapid method for confirming the integrity of milk throughout the milk supply chain, the QuickCheck features streamlined, micro-processor controlled calibration and RS-232 output for output to a printer, PC or data logger. Accurate, Precise Screening for Added Water in Milk Testing for adulteration of milk in accordance with recently updated international reference methods (see ISO 5764:2002, IDF 108:2002 and AOAC), the QuickCheck-TECH provides ultra-accurate results in ~90 seconds.

Flexible, Reliable and Affordable!
Confirming consistent quality by testing for extraneous water resulting from accidental or purposeful contamination is important for building brand-name recognition. Rely upon the test the industry has trusted for years: Freezing-Point! The robust, modular construction of the QuickCheck-TECH is designed to provide you with years of care-free service. User-friendly operation ensures that real-time results are ready anytime, on demand. Confirm positives from other screening tests in accordance with the internationally recognized reference method for payment purposes. The LACTICAL™ milk-based controls and simple, intuitive procedures facilitate calibration validation as required.

Affordable Approach to Reliable, Real-Time Results
A practical approach to testing for added-water in unprocessed or processed fluid milk products, the straightforward simplicity, affordability and reliability of the QuickCheck is a sound investment:

  • Artisenal Cheesemakers: Many cheesemakers have to rely upon milk from unknown sources to ensure a steady supply for processing. The QuickCheck makes it easy and affordable to reliably test every incoming shipment of raw milk to ensure that you are getting the quality of product you require. Also, the QuickCheck can be used to check milk that has been standardized for processing to ensure that no added water has come in during the process.
  • Dairy Processors: Conforming with internationally recommended methods for testing for adulteration, the QuickCheck provides you with ultra-accurate results at an affordable price. The Amplified Performance Module also ensures that you get reliable results even when ambient temperatures rise to 35°C (95°F)!
  • Dairy Farmers: Monitor practices in your milking parlor and avoid costly mistakes or fines by testing your bulk milk tank for added water. The unique combination of user-friendly operation, stable calibration and an attractive price make the QuickCheck a worthwhile investment for today’s dairy farm.

A Purchase Decision that Pays Off!

  • Facilitate confirmation of adulteration using this instrument-based physical composition test that is the recognized reference method (ISO/IDF/AOAC). Provides optimal records for payment or punitive action purposes.
  • Accurately assess water balance to a molecular level in milk blends and recipes for value added products like cheese or yogurt. Reliable quality assurance test to standardize recipes and ensure strong yields and profitability.
  • Rapid screening for detection of abnormal composition (i.e. minerals such as iron, sulfites or copper) or elevated bacteria that can lead to off-tastes.
  • Monitor suppliers maintenance of automated milking tubing and bulk tanks; spot quality problems in raw milk due to improper drainage or maintenance in the milking parlor.


Testing Parameters:
Freezing-Point Range 0 to -1000 (ºmC or ºmH)
Sample Capacity Single Sample
Sample Size 2.5 ml
Test Time < 2 minutes
Repeatability ± 0.002 ºC
Resolution ± 0.0001 ºC
Linearity < ±0.5%
Readout Units ºmH (standard) or ºmC (factory option)
Start-Up time ~10 minutes
2 points (User Selectable)
Electrical Parameters:
Line Voltage 117/220V ( ± 10%) Line Frequency 50/60 HZ
Power Consumption < 125 Watts
Main Fuse
117V – 2A, 220V – 1A
Ambient Air Temperature 15°-38°C (59°- 100° F)
Sample Temperature 4°-35°C (39°-95°F)
Relative Humidity
Technical Data:
Dimensions (W X H X D) 66 x 56 x 43.25 cm (26” x 22” x 17”)
Weight 16.4 kg (36 lbs)
Shipping Weight 24.5 kg (65 lbs)
PC Connection RS-232


The QuickCheck™ Start-Up Kit Contains:

  • QuickCheck™ Milk Analyzer, Model QC-TECH
  • Sample Tubes
  • Calibration Solutions
  • CryoCool™ Heat Transfer Fluid
  • LACTICAL™Calibration Control


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