Smart Valve

The Smart Valve is an electronic throttling valve originally designed for On-Line standardization systems. Utilized as part of an On-Line standardization system or sold independently, the Smart Valve provides precise control for highly concentrated product dilution control. In your application, if a little bit of movement delivers a large resulting impact, consider this valve. With resolution of 0.15% in a 4-20mA configuration or 0.05% for the digitally controlled configuration, this valve provides precision.

The valve has an integrated stepper motor, controller and optical encoder to provide movement, control and feedback.

Custom programming, controllers and operator interfaces are available with the Smart Valve to provide integrated process control solutions.

Feature and Benefits

Remote Valve Communication

Stepper Motor Driven

Self Diagnostics

Exact Valve Position Knowledge

Technical Specifications

Position Resolution 0.15% (digital option: 0.05%)
Full closed to full open 6 seconds
Thrust 70 kg (154 lbs)
Sanitary Construction Fluid body, stem, yoke
Valve Body & Stem Dairy Industry Standard
Enclosure Stainless Steel
Actuator Body Aluminum
Mounting Vertical (required)
Ambient Temperature 55°C (131°F)
Water Resistant Construction
Power Supply 24VDC, 2 A
Connection 9 lead twisted pair
Valve Position Control 4-20mA and OPTIMUX digital control
Stroke 25 mm (1 in.)
Length 41 cm (16.1 in.) (including yoke)
Diameter 12 cm (4.7 in.)
Weight 6.4 kg (14 lbs)


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